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    Warmup is essential to a good birching. You’re dealing with almost strictly “stingy” sensations here, no thud. Even if the bottom has already endured a good long flogging and is deep in subspace at this time, the difference in sensations might quickly and disastrously bring them right back out if you simply start birching them.

    A good warmup is scratching. Starting with your fingernails on the upper back (even if you’re not planning on birching there, it’s a good place to begin,) starting off lightly and using this time to gauge their responses and find out if they’re ticklish or not. Spread out and slowly intensify the scratching until they are good and red. Cover all the areas you’re planning on birching later: back, ass, breasts, belly, thighs…

    Then with one if your shorter birches, begin to scratch their skin lightly with the tips. Start off slow, alternating this with your fingernails and occasional palm caressing. Let them get used to the idea of the sharper twigs. Then you can start lightly slapping with the small birch to finish their warmup.

    Keep in mind that there will be more stinging pain when striking stretched skin than with relaxed skin. You may want to start your bottom or submissive off in a prone position  laying flat on their belly upon a table or the floor, rather than slinging them over the horse or tying them to the rack right off the bat. =) Just take your time and build slowly, as you would with any other flogging, always be ready to back off at their safeword, and you’re both almost guaranteed to have a good time with this.

    Another nice aspect of this type of flogging is you don’t have to worry about doing any deep tissue damage  birch twigs are so light that you can strike many of the areas of the body that you normally have to worry about. Breasts, belly, lower back, etc. are all fair game as all the damage done is at skin level only. However, it must be said that it is very easy to break skin. The fact that it is so easy to birch someone “to the blood” is one of the reasons this punishment was so popular in Victorian times, and today. This is one of the safest but more dramatic of the spectacular flogging methods, as long as you take the normal precautions for flying blood.

    There is an additional emotional impact to this kind of heavy birching, however. While damage will be minor, anytime the skin is broken there is the threat of scarring. A fine web of white lines may forever after mar the backside or shoulders of the birchee. No one should ever play with severe birching without express realization of this fact. If they pride themselves on their flawless skin, this type of extreme play might not be right for them. But if they wear scars proudly as badges of honor, it is very easy to leave some beautiful, long-lasting marks with this kind of flogging.

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